My Reading List

Here it is, all my past and current favorites along with my current reads! 

What I'm reading now...

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Farmacology: Total Health rom the Ground Up (Daphane Miller, M.D.)

  • A really great read if you're interested in WHY it's important to eat local for your health. It really takes a closer look into the microbiome and how eating closer to home can have a positive impact on our colony of good bacteria. The author travels to various farms and provides stories that really connect your health to a "farm to table" type concept.  It reads like a story, you don't feel like you're reading a "health" book. As someone that tries to buy locally for a variety of reasons, this really hit home for me.

Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health (Jo Robinson)

  • A wonderful tool if you're interested in learning more about the nutrient content of different produce items. The author provides ways to prepare and store produce to maximize nutrient content and absorption. It is divided into chapters, you are able to jump around depending on what you are interested in learning about at that time. The author provides A LOT of information, I think it's a great book if you are already semi-comfortable with getting your veggies in.

Mark Bittman's Kitchen Matrix

  • My new kitchen guide. This one came recommended by a fellow CSA member who was asked to share tips and tricks on using his seasonal vegetables. It is amazing, the description refers to it as a "recipe generator" and that is exactly what it is. He provides several ways to prepare each protein/veggie/starch, along with dips and its so pretty. I am SO excited to use this over the winter, and even more pumped to use it next summer when Im getting more local produce. I think this is a great starting tool for a kitchen newbie, but also an amazing addition for someone with a lot of experience. I have a feeling this will have a permanat spot in my kitchen. 

Long Time Favorites to Improve Your Health

Recipe Books...

Practical Paleo (Diane Sanfilippo BS, NC)

  • This was my game changing read. It's what really started my entire real food journey. It wasn't just because it was "paleo," I had read paleo books before. It's because it was easy to understand while being SO informative. Even if you're not interested in "going paleo," this book should have  a spot on your shelf. The first half is about nutrition in general- digestion, inflammation, food groups and lists. The second half is loaded with meal plans, if that's your style, and SO MANY recipes. I have never been disappointed with the recipes. This is the book I use in my healthy eating groups, everyone always loves it.

Well Fed (Melissa Joulwan)

The 21 Day Sugar Detox (Diane Sanfilippo BS, NC)

  • This is the textbook to the program that I have used in the past with clients. It is life changing. I know most of you realize how addictive sugar, but not everyone realizes where it's hiding. This book and program teaches you not only about food but also about your own dietary habits. I'm including it because there are a lot of great, easy recipes for ANYONE in it...even if you're not on a "sugar detox." She uses proteins, vegetables and healthy fats as a base for the book...with NO sugar added. There is also another book, The 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook with even more nutrient rich, no sugar recipes. 

Knowledge is Power...

Grain Brain (David Perlmutter, MD)

  • This book was written by a neurologist who has treated patients in the past with diet and digestive support. He really goes into the science behind gluten, excess carbohydrates in the diet and probiotics, explaining why they have such a large role in cognitive health. If you are seriously considering giving up gluten (or grains) but aren't sure why, this is for you. If you are at risk for neurological diseases, or are dealing with one, this is for you. If you have depression, anxiety or any type of mental health concern, this is for you. Basically it's for everyone. 
  • He also has a follow up book, Brain Maker, with even more information about the diet and lifestyle changes he recommends. 

Eat the Yolks (Liz Wolfe NTP)

  • I feel bad this is all the way down here on the list- trust me it needs to be up on top! The author is HILARIOUS, she's sarcastic and funny while referring to our current health trends. She also goes into the science behind why healthy fats are essential. This is an easy read, great for someone starting their journey...but also very informative for someone who likes a good health read. 

So that's it for now! Add these to your wish list for yourself, or give someone a healthy read as a gift. You can click on the links above to see the books, or head over to my Amazon Store, just click on "Good Reads."

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