3 FREE Things You Should Start Improving Today

After speaking with hundreds of people at Bassetts Health Food Store every week about their health concerns, I've come up with 3 things everyone could work on.

The most common concerns/questions from people...

  • I need more energy, what can I do?
  • I need help with sleep, what can I take? 
  • I need to improve my digestion, maybe I should take some enzymes?
  • I want something for weight loss.
  • I want something for my immune system.

No quick fixes here! These are all issues that need to be addressed at the core. Here is where I suggest you start...

1. Drink water.

Sip on it ALL day. Add lemon, lime or some fresh herbs...but no sugar/sweetener/artificial flavoring. DO NOT try to play "catch up" at meals, drinking too much fluid with food can impair digestion. Don't like water? Too bad, you're a grown up...you  have to learn to like water.

2. Sleep.

It's important, not just to help you feel more energized, but to help with healthy hormone production, cardiovascular health and eating habits. Just 4 nights of inadequate sleep can impact the hormones that tell you that your "full" and impact insulin resistance. Your goal should be 7-9 hours in a DARK room! Try decreasing evening screen time (phone, television, tablets) if you're having trouble falling asleep. 

3. Be a MINDFUL eater more often than not.

Calm down when you're eating. Don't think about stressful situations/tasks, I know its easier said then done. Do not eat in your car, when you're running around or while you're watching television. Thinking about the food you eat helps the digestive process, stimulating certain enzymes and hormones. It also helps prevent over eating and improves nutrient absorption. I know this isn't possible all the time, BUT aim for "most of the time." When you're in a stressful situation you're activating your flight or fight response and decreasing the attention that needs to go to your digestive system. 

These are things that all of us need to work on!