"I am so thankful I enrolled in the 21DSD. Cadie is a wonderful instructor- she's extremely knowledgeable and teaches in a way that's easy to understand! I appreciated Cadie answering questions promptly and for all the support during the program. I've lost 10 pounds & my energy level has greatly increased. Thank you Cadie!" - Carol A., January 21DSD Participant 

"Cadie was a great support during the program! She was readily available if I had any questions. She also offered lots of great tips and provided education on the whys and whats of the program. It was great to be part of a group and see pics of the other members meals and preps which in turn gave me inspiration. It also helped to know I was not alone in the process. Highly recommend this program and Cadie as a coach to guide you through to success!" -Carrie F., January 21DSD Participant 

"My experience with 21DSD was rocky to start. I had the worst of all withdrawal symptoms, plus having to prep food for 3 days out of town during the first week. During week 2, however, I realized how good I felt; my previous "normal" was actually miserable. I loved having Cadie as my coach because she was very supportive and encouraging; not to mention a wealth of knowledge. It also helped that Cadie and I enjoy similar activities (CrossFit and Running), so I felt as if she understood my personal struggles best." - Jessica T., January 21DSD Participant 

"Cadie you did a great job. You taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to. My mood is better, Im sleeping better and I know it's from eating better. You even got me to give up pop (now that is an accomplishment in itself)! -Josie B., October 21DSD Participant 

"I not only learned the importance of eating healthy but I also experience it. I got to feel the difference between having sugar & processed foods in my body and what its like not having them in my body. I feel so good eating clean. I choose to continue with this lifestyle change." -Jennifer G., October 21DSD Participant

"This experience was one of the most challenging things I've done, but I am so glad I did it! I have more natural every, I sleep better, and my chronic heartburn is nearly gone! I recommend this to anyone who is up for a challenge and wanting to make a positive change in their life." -Erin L., September 21DSD Participant 

"Amazing teacher. I did not know anything that was taught and will apply the principles to cooking for my family and I. I really enjoyed the program and support." -Steph., September 21DSD Participant 

"You were a fantastic coach. Your enthusiasm and knowledge about the impact of sugar and nutrition in general is inspiring and has defiantly made a lasting change on the choices I make in what I eat. Thanks for having me in the group!" -Dean C., September 21DSD Participant